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The last stop in your search for the perfect pair of shoelaces

6MM | Natural


Upgrade your favourite sneakers with a fresh pair of laces. Stay classic or add a touch of colour, you decide.

2.5 mm | WAXED

Round Shoelaces

The classic, tried and tested and sure to fit any pair of shoes. Add a special touch with our solid metal aglets.

4 mm | Waxed

Round Boot Laces

Superior durability meets elegance. Made for your boots, but perfectly fitting any other style as well.

3 mm | Waxed

Flat Shoelaces

The minimal and elegant solution when it comes to shoelaces. Favoured by bespoke shoemakers.


Stitched Leather LACES

Finest, chrome-tanned calf leather shoelaces. Reinforced with a polyamid core and stitched for ultimate longevity and style.

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Our advantage


We make each pair of shoelaces exactly according to your configuration in our workshop in Austria. Hand cut means we can produce all lengths, even custom ones if required.

free shipping

Get your shoelaces shipped to your letter box for free. In a hurry? Use our express shipping service and get your hands on a pair of replacement shoelaces as fast as possible.


Unsure if you should purchase shoelaces online? With our 3-month “wear-and-tear” warranty, there is nothing left to worry about. If anything happens, you'll receive a replacement.



My compliments, now I like to wear my Magnanni shoe, because the laces look good and also fit well. If everything stays the same, I would say at this point: Senkels is No. 1 for shoelaces!!!

Klaus - Düsseldorf - customer photo
Klaus | Düsseldorf, DE
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The shoe laces are of high quality and have a luxury feel to them. Very happy with my purchase.
Service in terms of shipping and handling is very good from Senkels

Daniel - Amsterdam - customer photo
Daniel | Amsterdam, NL
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I would like to congratulate this young company which I highly recommend. The quality of the product, the service and the speed are great. I searched for 2 weeks at cobblers... But I found them at SENKELS.

Cyril - customer photo
Cyril | Menton, FR
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The selection of shoelaces from Senkels is excellent and the choice of colours is unparalleled. The owner, Mr. Lichtenegger, is very competent and friendly. My order arrived after only 3 days.

Michael - customer photo shoelaces
Michael Linhart | Hannover, DE
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Excellent handling. High-quality 'Senkels'. Lovely product packaging. Personal approach and communication - clear recommendation to all lovers of handcrafted footwear! Thank you.

Matthias- customer photo shoelaces
Matthias | Dorsten, DE
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A note to the situation

How fantastic would it be if every pair of shoes came with 2-3 pairs of spare laces? Instead, you can hardly find 1 pair of spare laces in the shoebox nowadays and so you have to go searching for high-quality, matching laces yourself and where to buy laces.

But like so many things in the world, laces are a product that, like tights, thrives on cheap quality, according to the motto “the fresher the lace, the quicker the customer buys a new pair”.

The difference

And yet, laces are so important because they make a big difference, especially when we talk about shoe care. No matter how polished your leather shoe is, if your shoelaces fray, the look of the footwear is ruined. You will quickly notice in your search that shoelaces in the 5-6 euro range all look the same and the range of “manufacturers” is identical: small colour selection, cheap plastic tips and plasticized look. In short: Made in China but packaged in Germany or in Italy and therefore Made in Germany or Made in Italy.

As a shoemaker, this was a situation that was hard to accept. When you put 80-100 hours into a pair of shoes, it hurts when you have to round off the shoe with a cheap lace. That's where the idea for laces came from, partly out of personal need and partly out of the knowledge that there are enough people who appreciate the difference in quality and the wider range of colours.

So, what is the difference between Senkels' laces and the laces of the competition?

To answer this question, we divide the answer into 4 chapters:

Our shoelaces consist of 100% organic cotton and while that is nothing unusual, the big difference here is the quality of the cotton. As many may know, big brands save money by recycling old, used cotton. The problem is that by recycling and reprocessing the cotton fibre suffers greatly which results in the fibre length being a lot shorter than originally. This would not be an issue if the strength of the cotton did not depend on the length of the fibre. Unfortunately, it is exactly this recycled cotton that is used for shoelaces, primarily to save costs and because virgin/organic cotton is becoming more and more expensive. The result is that you get a cotton shoelace that is much less tear-resistant due to the weakened, recycled cotton. Who benefits from that? Only the manufacturer because the sooner the laces tear, the sooner the customer needs a new pair, and you can't really tell when you buy them whether the quality of the cotton is high or not.

Senkels shoelaces consist of 100% new, organic cotton. This means that the material is completely unused and still has all its strength. Even though our laces can't work magic and will wear out eventually, our cotton makes them a lot stronger and stiffer than other cotton laces.

Standard laces are braided in white, i.e., un-dyed, and then dipped in dye as a finished product. This saves a lot of time in the industry because the yarn does not have to be pre-dyed and the braiding machines do not have to be rewound. The problem with this is that the dye only covers the lace from the outside, and the lace lightens and begins to fray after a short time.

With our laces, the different colours are braided with the correctly dyed yarns in each case. This means that our shoe laces are dyed through and do not fade as quickly. In addition, the yarn is fully covered in dye to prevent fraying.

Nowadays, people have already got used to it. You buy a new pair of laces, no matter if flat or round, and after 1 week you have lost a plastic tip, even though the laces themselves are still fine.

When the plastic laces do last, you often notice after a few weeks that the plastic laces have taken on a yellowish hue, mainly due to sun and weather.

Senkels counteracts this with our 6 noble tips made of pure metal. These are applied individually, i.e., after receipt of the order, to the custom-made shoe laces. On the one hand, this means that each pair of our laces is a custom-made product, but also that these metal laces are much more robust due to the hand-made application and can hardly be removed from the laces. With our laces, you can safely say goodbye to the situation that you have to walk around with frayed laces.

There is a wide range of different laces for various shoe models. They come in round and flat, thick and thin, and tight or coarsely braided. Which lace is the right one for your shoe or which one you should buy depends on your taste on the one hand and on the shoe model or occasion on the other. Furthermore, don't be misled by the different terms. Laces and shoelaces are different names for the same product. In our offer, we have chosen the latter term.

If it is casual shoes for which you are looking for new laces, you should select from our range of sneaker laces or shoe laces. Due to the often wide lacing of casual shoes or sneakers, narrow shoe laces would be too dainty. Therefore, our sneaker laces are the most popular choice among our customers. No matter how many lugs or laces your sneaker or casual shoe has, you can find sneaker laces in all lengths and colours in our shop.

If you are looking for new laces for elegant work shoes or lace-up shoes, you should go for waxed laces. On the one hand, they are much thicker and dirtier, and on the other hand, they are much more elegant due to their wax coating. Our wax coating ensures maximum durability as it repels water and dirt and provides a beautiful shine that enhances even the finest pair of shoes. Their thin gauge makes them easy to fit whether your shoe has an open or closed lacing.

The difference between round and flat laces lies not only in their appearance but also in their construction, as round laces, unlike flat laces, have a fabric core. Flat laces, on the other hand, are produced as a tube. Round laces are therefore the more stable shoelaces and preferred for boots or shoes with lace hooks. So if you need a pair of elegant laces that offer maximum durability, use waxed round laces. If you are looking for an elegant look for your shoes, buy flat waxed laces.

What do we stand for?

Senkels stands for both the highest quality, eco-friendly thinking and fast, free shipping. Buy new laces easily online, 24 hours a week, and get your laces in your mailbox within a few days.

We stand for:

✓ Best quality at a reasonable price
✓ 100% made in Austria 🇦🇹
✓ Fair online trade
✓ Climate-friendly packaged and delivered
✓ Fast and free shipping

No matter what lace length or colour you require for your shoes, with our wide range of standard lengths and the option to order custom lengths, there's no excuse for laces that are too short or too long. Buy branded laces in the optimal length with our Length Guide.

If you have any further questions, take a look at our FAQ page to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Discover our classic round laces, classic flat laces, ⁣ round boot laces or Sneaker laces and give your footwear a new lease of life, shoe care doesn't stop at the polish after all.

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