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Planning an event and looking to set a highlight? Our shoelaces have been a showstopper for a multitude of companies on diverse events, from relaunches, releases, to exhibition booths and more. Get in contact to discover a solution for your use-case.

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Our in-house production allows us to offer you flexible pricing for flexible quantities.

No matter if you are looking to equip your team of 10,000 people with shoelaces or offer a present in the form of branded shoelaces to 500 exhibition guests.


Prefer to set an accent with custom branded shoelaces in your company's colours?

Simply send us your logo or any colour code (RGB, HEX, PANTONE …) and we will match our vast catalogue of colours with your logo (or if necessary custom produce the colour).


Corporate gifting has crystallized itself as one of our core markets relatively quickly.

With all those options mentioned on the left and the possibility to create custom packaging, a pair of custom shoelaces symbolizes a strong, professional tie.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again! The laces are really great and the event (i.e. the release of our new company colours) was an absolute blast.

S. Steinert | H&Z

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