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Black - Waxed Shoelaces | Senkels
Black - Waxed Shoelaces | Senkels
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Flat | 3mm
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When comparing flat waxed shoelaces with round ones, there is a couple of aspects to consider. 

The first main difference lies in the construction of flat shoelaces compared to round shoelaces. 

While round waxed shoelaces are woven around a solid fabric core, flat shoelaces are woven as a tube. The advantage of this is that due to the missing core, the lace allows for more compression and therefore knots will stay closed for longer. 

If elegance is your primary goal, we would advise you to go for flat waxed shoelaces.

What width for flat waxed shoelaces is optimal?

Our flat waxed shoelaces have a width of 3 mm, which in our opinion is the perfect balance between elegance and durability. Weaving even thinner shoelaces would make them too fragile to withstand their requirements. 3 mm flat shoelaces are going to fit your elegant black oxfords and you more casual shoes similarly well.

What length do I need for my shoelaces?

Finding the optimal length can be difficult since it widely depends on the horizontal distance of a shoe's eyelets. To precisely figure this out, you can use our length-calculator

Do you have other questions? 

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